Huckleberry Stew in 5 Easy Steps ( Njama-Njama)


Njama Njama (that’s how it is called in Cameroon) is  one of the most popular  and favorite vegetables in Cameroon especially in the North West Region. Sometimes referred to as huckleberry. Its scientific name is  Solanum scabrum. 


  • 1 big sliced onion
  • 5-6 fresh chopped tomatoes
  • ½ -1 cup canola oil (palm oil)
  • Salt and pepper
  • ½ pound chopped smoked meat/fish
  • 1-tablespoon bouillon powder or Maggie cube


  1. Wash the vegetables or huckleberry and boil it with a bit of salt in a pressure cooker for about 10-15mins. When ready, put it in cold water, rinse and chop it. Set aside
  2. Whiten the palm-oïl in a medium-size pot. When heated, add the chopped tomatoes and the spices (onions, pepper etc) in the heated palm-oïl and stire for it not to burn while getting cooked.
  3. As the spices  and the tomatoes are getting ready, you can add your tablespoon bouillon powder or Maggie cube plus salt. Taste it so as to reach your desired taste.
  4. Add the vegetables in the mixture and stire then you can close the pot for it to steam well.
  5. Let it stew for about 10mins then you put off the fire. Usually eaten with fufu-corn or ripe plantains. Serve Hot!

Bon appétit!!!



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